Bricker & Beam: Their Own Story


For most people, woodworking is only a job meant for those in the wood industry. But for others, woodworking is more than just an occupation – it’s something they are really passionate about, just like Bricker & Beam’s owner and senior designer Josh Cox.

Let’s take a closer look on Bricker & Beam’s story…

Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Bricker & Beam is best known for its personalized residential and commercial furniture. One great example would be their Evans Collection, a series of coffee tables with “floating glass surfaces and elegant hardwood bases.” It’s their most popular furniture piece collection as of today. Another great example would be their Ellington Collection, another series of coffee tables with “a rustic and a modern” balance. It’s offered in three sizes, as well as in numerous wood type options.

Bricker & Beam was founded by Josh Cox, along with his vision of providing furniture that has its own story to tell. Every piece of furniture made by Brick & Beam has its own meaning, regardless of how it will be used by other people. Aside from that, their furniture is custom-made – giving more options for their customers, as well as more chances for them to achieve goals and specific needs.

Bricker & Beam also envisions having furniture pieces created in various materials such as steel, glass, and leather – ensuring only the highest quality of furniture. Moreover, they provide other furniture collections around the world – all of which are named after famous jazz musicians.

Early History

Josh Cox named his furniture company Bricker & Beam in honor of his grandfather, who taught him the art of woodworking back in the 1980s. His grandfather, Jim Kollar, is currently residing at Salem, Ohio – his workplace for more than 40 years.

Workshops & Classes

If you’re looking to know more about woodworking or you’re having trouble doing it for quite a while now, Bricker & Beam also offer workshops and classes. However, these are only provided via appointment at brickerandbeam.com.

Indeed, Bricker & Beam has their own story – in which their furniture pieces are nigh on a storybook itself, as well as nigh on an inspiration for others who never thought woodworking – specifically, furniture making – can be so beautiful, even done according to the specific needs of other people.

What’s your story? You know, you can also make your own furniture – so beautiful, even done according to the specific needs of other people. All you need is a bunch of handy tools like a cordless drill.

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