Art, Food, & Nature – 5 Ways to Explore Columbia SC


Columbia in South Carolina has plenty of sightseeing destinations and activities for everyone. The city has its share of museums as well as scenic spots for those who wish to commune with nature. There are also several restaurants that offer diverse gastronomic delights that foodies would love. It also has popular attractions suitable for families traveling with kids. With no dearth of places to see and things to do, visiting Columbia can be quite an adventure.

1. Columbia Museum of Art

The Columbia Museum of Art has an extensive collection of artworks. It also features a wide range of regular exhibitions and events. You can choose to spend your visit admiring the American, Asian, Contemporary, and several other art collections the museum has. Or you can try your hand at making art in one of the classes the museum offers. You may also sign up for organized tours to learn more about the facility’s impressive collections.

2. EdVenture Children’s Museum

If you are out and about with children in tow, you may want to swing by EdVenture Children’s Museum. This is a veritable treat for kids with the wide array of educational features that make learning more fun and interesting. One of the highlights of the museum is the 40-foot tall Eddie exhibit where kids can climb, crawl, and learn about human anatomy. There are also several activities and events to choose to make children’s visits more memorable.

3. Food Tours

Get a taste of some of the best culinary delights the city has to offer. Visit some of the city’s must-try local restaurants. Another option is to sign up for a walking food tour to learn more about the local food scene. Do a restaurant crawl or follow where the locals go for some filling and delicious meal.

4. Harbison Environmental Education Forest

Harbison Environmental Education Forest is a park located less than ten miles from the heart of the city. It is a great place to go for a nature walk or a hike with its many trails and refreshing scenery. It is a woodland park with many lush trees and cool streams. You can spend time soaking in the relaxing sights and sounds in one of the clearings in the forest.

5. Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden has many things to offer for people of all ages. The zoo is home to thousands of animals from around the world. You can find giraffes, koalas, lions, monkeys, and more frolic in surroundings that mimic their natural habitats.

Columbia South Carolina

Places You Must Visit In Columbia, South Carolina and More

Columbia is the capital and the largest city of the state of South Carolina in USA. It is filled with awesome sights and attractions for travelers and residents alike. So let’s cover some landmarks that you must visit when traveling in Columbia. Let’s get the tour started shall we?

Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park
Congaree National Park

Love getting one with nature? This park is perfect for you. Filled with hardwood trees, it is considered as the largest old growth bottomland hardwood forest in the United States. You can do canoeing, fishing, hiking and so much more. Relaxing trip indeed.

Columbia Museum of Art

This one’s for all the Art Lovers out there. They got a bunch of awesome paintings and sculptures here in this museum. The artworks displayed here are created by some of the greatest artists in the world like Joshua Reynolds and Scipione Pulzone. You can see some old master paintings from the Renaissance and Baroque period here. Perfect place for art aficionados.

Riverbanks Zoo

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful zoos in whole America, it is home for about 2000 animal creatures. They also have a botanical garden and they have rides! Cool! Ticket prices for kids 2-12 years of age is $13.50 and for adults, $15.95. The only thing bad in this zoo is that you can’t bring pets, drinks and food inside. But it’s quite worth it when you see the biodiversity in this zoo. Great for family bonding.

All of this touring stuff makes me hungry. Come on, let’s eat some of the best food here in South Carolina.

Must Try Foods in South Carolina

Frogmore Stew
Frogmore Stew

Back in the days, South Carolina was mainly known as the largest producer of peaches in the United States. They are also known for their yummy seafood. Fish stew, Shrimp and Grits, Frogmore Stew, Crab Cakes and Oyster are some of South Carolina’s best dishes that you should absolutely try. People here are known for being tea drinkers. It has terrific health benefits like antioxidants and flavonoids. So is juicing. Juicing can help you get in the tip-top shape that you always dreamed of. Vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. The best thing is, it also tastes so freaking good! If you want to learn more about the benefits of juicing, you should check out JuicerKings because they provide everything you need to know about juicing. Really helpful stuff.

There you go! I hope that you enjoyed our tour in this wonderful place. See you soon!



Make Your Visit in Columbia SC Really Tasty

Sometimes life tends to be boring that you need to travel and meet the happenings in the real world.  Don’t forget to include in your itineraries the best bakeries in Columbia SC, United States.  I know that you are quite satisfied with your homemade organic bread at home but sometimes you need to see for yourself what the world outside can offer.

If you get interested in the thought of producing your own creations, don’t hesitate to consult for your most desirable choice of a bread machine for your needs.

home baking


Visiting Columbia for a reason is an ideal traveling plan.  Columbia Bakeries can best inspire the baker in you. It’s interesting to note that the bread has a very significant part of your diet.  It is a staple food that all people in the world can get hold of.

Plan for Your Trip

Since you will be traveling with a purpose, it’s good to plan for your trip. Make use of the online information and familiarize the must-visit bakeries in Columbia. Take a glimpse of Bon Fresco and experience the authentic taste of the bakery’s most creative creations.  I know that there will be a lot of choices that will show up by just a click. All you have to do is to look for the traveling guide that can make your stay really fantastic.

Line Up Your Best Choices

It is part of the planning stage. To stay organized especially if you get too excited to get inside different bakeries in Columbia, it’s best to list down the best bakeries that you like to visit. Include in your list Einstein Bros. Bagels Restaurant and Sweet Temptations Bakery Restaurant.  Make sure that you check what the restaurant or the bakeries offer. To hop from one bakery to another smoothly, having your line-up can help you where to go next.  Since visiting bakeries is one of your purpose for traveling because you want to get perfect ideas about baking bread especially home baking, then you have to be serious with your plans.  Keep this in mind to make your travel a lot easier.

Be Patient and Flexible

To avoid disappointments, you have to be flexible with your traveling plans. There can be many delays and interruptions but in order not to be upset, you have to be very patient and flexible. Inevitable things might happen and there are factors that can make things go wrong, so you have to be ready with all these things.

The baker in you can make great wonders in the baking world. Keep updated with the latest trends and practices about your baking passion and traveling to different places such as in Columbia South Carolina is a fantastic treat you can give to yourself.

Bricker & Beam: Their Own Story


For most people, woodworking is only a job meant for those in the wood industry. But for others, woodworking is more than just an occupation – it’s something they are really passionate about, just like Bricker & Beam’s owner and senior designer Josh Cox.

Let’s take a closer look on Bricker & Beam’s story…

Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Bricker & Beam is best known for its personalized residential and commercial furniture. One great example would be their Evans Collection, a series of coffee tables with “floating glass surfaces and elegant hardwood bases.” It’s their most popular furniture piece collection as of today. Another great example would be their Ellington Collection, another series of coffee tables with “a rustic and a modern” balance. It’s offered in three sizes, as well as in numerous wood type options.

Bricker & Beam was founded by Josh Cox, along with his vision of providing furniture that has its own story to tell. Every piece of furniture made by Brick & Beam has its own meaning, regardless of how it will be used by other people. Aside from that, their furniture is custom-made – giving more options for their customers, as well as more chances for them to achieve goals and specific needs.

Bricker & Beam also envisions having furniture pieces created in various materials such as steel, glass, and leather – ensuring only the highest quality of furniture. Moreover, they provide other furniture collections around the world – all of which are named after famous jazz musicians.

Early History

Josh Cox named his furniture company Bricker & Beam in honor of his grandfather, who taught him the art of woodworking back in the 1980s. His grandfather, Jim Kollar, is currently residing at Salem, Ohio – his workplace for more than 40 years.

Workshops & Classes

If you’re looking to know more about woodworking or you’re having trouble doing it for quite a while now, Bricker & Beam also offer workshops and classes. However, these are only provided via appointment at

Indeed, Bricker & Beam has their own story – in which their furniture pieces are nigh on a storybook itself, as well as nigh on an inspiration for others who never thought woodworking – specifically, furniture making – can be so beautiful, even done according to the specific needs of other people.

What’s your story? You know, you can also make your own furniture – so beautiful, even done according to the specific needs of other people. All you need is a bunch of handy tools like a cordless drill.

The Best Free Internet Game – Runescape

With the continuing expansion of on-line online flash games, what better method of appreciating them in comparison to appropriate within the browser. Emerge an illusion ball this sport items players with numerous places to examine and even more things to do. For brand-spanking new people entering into this electronic empire, stay positive to know what you want to do give you least someone turn into a walking around passenger with no intention of the game. Including the real world, knowledge should be discovered, and funds really should be made to allow you to complete essential tasks and also duties along side unnecessary to say it is helpful to identify some recommendations to get started.

Just what is Runescape
Runescape is an exceptionally popular MMORPG (Adjustable Massive On-line Role Playing Sport) that requires participants to the old dream entire world of Gielinor. You will find many kingdoms to examine, income to produce, objectives to perform along side damsels to recovery. With over 9 million dynamic free people and much more compared to 800, Thousand subscribed enjoying people, Runescape is here to keep. There is not any ‘one’ appropriate way of play the gaming and permits participants to pick their very own achievement. It is possible to find, train, make income, obtain, or all of the above mentioned. With the many things to do within this realm, people won’t be let down.
Techniques to enhance your abilities
There are lots of ways to enhance your capabilities, yet an excellent approach is always to use an objective in mind before starting. First, find out What would you wish to acquire through progressing upward? Example. You want to boost your wonder amount from three to Fifty, to ensure what your intention is going to be. Nonetheless, so that you can increase your secret level, you’ll have to have got millions order your way up, and this brings us to the next level. Be sure to differentiate your personal ambitions. Members are usually impatient, anxious, and also unfocused when it comes to creating millions along with leveling upward in Runescape. For novices, expanding your miraculous level fast may well be the best option for the reason you don’t have the dollars to do it. Therefore rather than leveling up, it’ll be better to knowledge abilities that will aid you to help make dollars. Another great idea is to find a great place to mine. Adam has written a guide on the best place to mine iron in RS. I definitely recommend you to check it out.
How to make Cash rapidly in Runescape
A process to help your only starting to make money as soon is by damaging cattle about cowhide. It is worth over 100 GP each and every, and it is simple to construct your power while doing this. Cowhide is employed by players to boost their creating degree. Be sure you maintain the gates shut, so the cows will not likely escape. In the event you acquire 12,000 cow cases and offer them all, you’ll receive at the least 1 million through the duration of Runescape. However, it is far better to ensure they are a few other reasons. You can even cut fire records, cut down magic woods, along with metal and mine coal to say the easiest techniques and achieve essential qualities even though performing it. Miraculous shrubs might be sold for at the lowest 1000 every but are hard to cut. Know how you-can smelt fossil fuel and metal together to generate steel bars to offer them as-is or Jones significant alchemized steel meal bodies for extra funds. Dishes can offer for 1,190 up every single.
To sum it up, Runescape will soon be one of the most popular online MMORPG’s played out so far. Equally free-play and taken care of subscriptions can be found to satisfy any player’s preference. You’ll find solutions to make money that does not need nearly any attempt to cheat, and skills are rapidly achieved also. None the less you would like to spend anybody time in the world is as much as you.